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Originally from North Yorkshire, England, I undertook a 5 year furniture making apprenticeship under master craftsman Philip Bastow over 20 years ago. I migrated to Australia in 1998, and now work from my studio workshop in Perth, Western Australia. Each piece of furniture is handcrafted by me; therefore you are assured of receiving a personalised service from the initial consultation right through to delivery.
Aesthetically pleasing and functional, to suit modern life, my furniture is designed and built using traditional techniques. Either mortise and tenon or dovetail jointing are in all of the structural joints, thereby forming the integral strength and longevity of my furniture. I use these methods, as they have been tried and tested for thousands of years, unlike the common modern day practise of using machines to cut domino or biscuit joints. As well as creating highly durable pieces, I am able to achieve looks that are not possible using machinery alone, such as intricate joint details and edges shaped with hand tools.

All of my furniture is handcrafted from varieties of Australian and international hardwoods, including sheoak, jarrah, marri, ash, cherry, maple, walnut and oak. My designs are inspired by the actual timber itself - it is extremely rewarding to see the natural timber grain come to life again. For that reason, I prefer to use oils and waxes for an environmentally friendly but durable finish.

I take pride in the fact that I am a true craftsman, continuing to practise the age old traditions of creating beautiful handcrafted furniture that lasts for generations.

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